Artificial Intelligence Powering Retail Site Selection with Joe Lee, CEO of LocateAI

In The Real Estate Innovators Podcast by Ryan Cox

Joe Lee is the CEO and co-founder of LocateAI.  LocateAI is a software platform which enables machine learning for the retail real estate industry.  LocateAI has created the first location intelligence platform that’s powered by artificial intelligence.  

What’s the Big Idea?.  

Locate AI fine tunes models specific to a retail businesses needs and iterates through millions of scenarios to pick up insights which are often completely missed by traditional models.

Key Learning

Changes in the approach to site selection are being driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The tools that enable the process are therefore connected to those technologies that enable data mining, visualization, and analysis.

All these elements need to be carefully orchestrated to create an impactful process to help a retailer choose a site to drive maximum profitability.

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  • To learn more about Joe Lee visit here.
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