Creating a Transparent Marketplace for over $500B of Commercial Loans with Yulia Yanni, CEO of Real Atom

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Yulia Yaani is Co-Founder and CEO of Real Atom. Before founding Real Atom, Yulia managed over half a billion in commercial real estate investments for Amstar Global Partners, a US private equity fund, as well as worked in multifamily sales & marketing for Related Group.

Her experience exposed her to two critical groups 1. a highly fragmented commercial real estate lending industry that lacks transparency and 2. real estate developers and investors that were wasting time and money in order to secure debt for their projects.

“Commercial lending is one of the last frontiers in terms of implementing innovations…Over $500B in new commercial loans are generated annually in the US and almost all are originated offline”
– Yulia Yaani, Co-Founder & CEO of RealAtom

What’s the Big Idea?

An online marketplace for commercial real estate loansto fix the flaws the founders saw in the industry. Securing commercial real estate debt is often a clumsy, opaque process fraught with inefficiencies. For too many, it seemed like the only way to find a lender was to know the right people at the right time.

Yulia knew there was a better way to connect developers and investors with lenders. By combining our 40+ collective years of experience in commercial real estate finance and technology, they’ve created a marketplace that enables borrowers to access the largest network of commercial real estate lenders in the nation. It also empowers lenders and borrowers with the tools to better manage loan process.

The Challenge of the Loan Process

Matching the borrower and the lenders.

  • It can take borrowers weeks or months to even find the right borrower never mind the time and energy to complete the loan process
  • Lenders have to review $1B in loan requests to loan $50M

Key Learning

With an integrated solution, Real Atom connects borrowers and lenders to create a centralized place for logging conversations with multiple parties. The added transparency of the marketplace means that institutions can better service customers and borrowers have a means by which it can hold multiple lenders accountable for progress toward a goal or completion of a loan.

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  • To learn more about RealAtom, visit here.