Innovation for Logistics Coordinators at Construction Sites with Anna Walkowska, Co-Founder at ProperGate

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Anna Walkowska is the CTO and Co-Founder of ProperGate.

After 18 months of analysis, design and development the team launched earlier this year – a smart logistics management system for construction sites that introduces just-in-time deliveries by providing smart assistance in planning, registering, ordering, scheduling, unloading and reporting material deliveries.

Thanks to just-in-time deliveries and real-time communication with all project stakeholders significant waste can be eliminated including delays caused by errors, waste of time caused by poor, manual scheduling and waste of materials caused by theft or damage as a result of long-term storage of materials on site, crucial for efficient project delivery.

The tool aims to increase productivity by automation of delivery management and ensure better control over materials and unloading equipment schedule.

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