Insights from Real Estate and Technology Entrepreneur, Elie Finegold, Venture Advisor at MetaProp NYC

In Technology, The Real Estate Innovators Podcast by Ryan Cox

Elie Finegold is a Venture Advisor and Entrepreneur in Residence at MetaProp NYC.

Elie is an experienced Entrepreneur, Corporate Strategist, and Senior Executive at the intersection of Real Estate and Technology. Advisor to both startups/growth companies and Venture Capital/Private Equity firms. Former head of Global Innovation at CBRE (NYSE:CBRE), founding President of Island Global Yachting and founding partner at Island Capital Group, Chief Innovation Officer at Insignia Financial Group (NYSE:IFS), and founder of a couple startups way back when. Experienced in investing, developing, mergers and acquisitions and building companies in both real estate and tech.

The MetaProp NYC real estate technology accelerator is the world’s leading growth program for early state companies.  The program boasts over 80 mentors, world-renowned corporate partners and focuses exclusively on real estate technology.

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