The Buy, Sell, and Lease Commercial Real Estate Marketplace with CREXi Founder, Michael DeGiorgio

In Technology, The Real Estate Innovators Podcast by Ryan Cox

Michael DeGiorgio is the CEO and Founder of CREXi.

What’s the Big Idea?

(CREXi) is the commercial real estate industry’s fastest growing marketplace and technology platform dedicated to supporting the CRE industry and its stakeholders. CREXi enables commercial real estate professionals to quickly streamline, manage, and grow their businesses using the industry’s most advanced transaction management solution.

Since launching in 2016, CREXi has quickly become the most active marketplace in the industry, and the platform has helped buyers, sellers, and brokers to transact business on over 90,000 commercial listings totaling more than $450 billion in property value.  CREXi has grown to 50+ employees and is headquartered in Marina Del Rey, California.

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