The Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Real Estate with Phil Levin, Founder of 99mph

In The Real Estate Innovators Podcast by Ryan Cox

Phil Levin is the founder and principal of 99mph, a boutique consulting firm which is preparing policy makers, investors, and businesses for the disruptive arrival of autonomous vehicles. Prior to starting 99mph, Phil was the creator of two international teams as part of Facebook’s initiative, helping to bring over 25 million people online.

What’s the Big Idea?

Let’s start with real estateCars (the Henry Ford kind) completely reshaped the built environment of the United Statesgiving us the suburbs and shopping malls and pulling people out of cities. What will self-driving cars do to our cities and suburbs? Surely something equally as dramatic.

Key Learning

  1. It was surprising to learn that increased mobility will see the population move farther out from city centers.
  2. Interesting that data shows that the value of real estate between 30-60 minutes from the city center will see the greatest shifts in value.

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Episode sources
  • To learn more about Phil Levin visit here.
  • To learn more about 99ph visit here.
  • Check out the Medium article that piqued my interest in Phil’s work.